1996 900SS/CR

Exhaust Mounting bolts        $10.00
Pipe mounts/passenger pegs        $50.00
Fairing Washers        $10.00
Speedo Cable        $15.00
Kickstand        $85.00
Stock left rearset        $40.00
Stock right rearset        $60.00
Speedo           $100
Front mastercylinder & lever        $75.00
CRG Mirror        $50.00
Clutch Line        $20.00
996 Speedo drive - Modified        $60.00
996 Cycle Cat Bars        $250.00
Speedo cable        $15.00
Fuel Tank Latch        $20.00
Front Turn Signals        $80.00
Rear turn signals -- pair        $30.00
Horn        $10.00
Headlight        $75.00
Taillight        $75.00
Left side handlebar switch        $100.00

21k mile streetbike, very good condition, no damage, lots of nice extras.  Basic roller
has been sold for a race bike project, but lots of parts still available.

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Staintune Slip-Ons - $500
Low-mount Staintune slip-ons for 91-98 Ducati 750/900
Supersport and 851. Excellent condition, no dings or
scratches.  Unmatched Staintune quality make these pipes
extremely popular with discriminating Ducati enthusiasts.

Center Fairing - $200
Center fairing, fits all 91-98 750SS/900SS.  Very good condition, no scratches or
repaired damage.

Double Bubble Tinted Windscreen - $50
Zero Gravity Double Bubble dark tinted windscreen.  Better rider protection and
the dark tint makes reading the gauges in bright sunlight easier.

Rear Tailsection - $75
Left rear tailsection from a 1996 900SS/CR.  Very good condition. Fits all 91-98

Right Rear Tailsection - $40
Right rear tailsection from a 1996 900SS/CR.  Has a crack as
shown in the photos.  Fits all 91-98 750/900SS.

Rear Latch Body Panel - $25
Rear latch body panel from a 1996 900SS/CR.  Very good condition.  Fits all 91-98

Rear Grab Handle - $25
Rear grab handle.  A few chips in the paint.  Includes
mounting hardware.  Fits all 91-98 750/900SS.

Rear Fender/Tool Tray - $25
Rear fender/tool tray for 91-98 750/900SS.  This unit has not been cut or
shortened as so many others have.

Keyed-Alike Ignition, Gas Cap, Seat Lock - $250
OEM ignition, gas cap, and seat lock, and two keys from a 1996 900SS.  If you've
damaged one of your locks, this is the only way you can restore your bike to the
factory convenience of having the ignition and all locks work with the same key.  
You cannot buy one or all of these parts new from the factory set up to work with
the same key.  Fits all 91-98 750/900SS.

Rear Wheel 17 x 4.5" - $150
OEM rear wheel from a 1996 900SS/CR.  Very good condition.  Fits all 91-98